Form1+ Samples needed

Hi Guys,
I’ve been talking to the guys here at Formlabs and have a time study based on the new machine. I have the STL ready to go and now it’s just a question if I can find the new model locally?
We are looking at a 6 off with no supports. We were given 80 minutes as the TTP.

We are located in the Sacramento, Ca. Region… So only guys from Northern Ca. would need to apply.
We want to see how the machine performs for our application before pulling the trigger on a new purchase…

Al Lange


I’m in SoCal, but if you need a sample printed to see how the form1+ performs, let me know.

According to your experience, I would like to ask you what would be the best orientation for a ring like the one in the picture below. I have tried different orientations (including the automatic orientation) but I have been unable to get the diamond right. It always breaks inside the tank. Any suggestions?

Try rotating so the diamons is below or set it more vertical and use internal supports.

You don’t need much for this ring.

I stand up the ring. Put lots of supports at the base to retain the curvature during printing (or one large/wide support if making my own supports). You may then need one support in the middle of the ring and two supports for each of the overhanging areas of the ring.

Here is a quick and dirty diagram on how I would do it. If you post the model, I’ll show you on the model.

Thanks Ken. I’ll try that.

I appreciate your help MD. I followed Ken and your advice . I am attaching the model with the new support structure according to your diagram (by the way thanks for the time you took to make the drawing)

Another thing MD. Do you have some models that you would like to share with us in order to further test our Form 1+?


Here is a link to 2 ring files you can use to test. Supports are already on them. Just load into preform and print.

Great designs MD. Printing them right now.