Tanks PDMS bubbles and new tank error

I have two tanks here(and a third one going soon probably) where the PDMS is delaminating from the acrylic at the exact same spot: When in the machine top left near the edge of the acrylic window and where the orange part of the tank starts.

An air pocket started to form and now I can throw these tanks away with less than one liter used.

How does this happen?!

Second problem:
I grabbed a new tank for replacement. I constantly got an error saying something like: “resin level sensor error, please clean the sensor or reseat the tank”. I remove and inserted the tank 10 times without luck. Other tanks worked directly. To solve this, I have to lower the platform(using the top two torx screws near the sensor). Now the resin level is recognised, but the tank is probably not much level to the build platform anymore. Is this a problem?

Our support team works to track issues like these internally so that we can get a sense for the number of users affected and work towards a fix. I’ve gotten in touch with our team and one of our members will be in touch with you over email to help troubleshoot. We have seen cases of PDMS delamination with some of the more aggressive 3rd party materials but less so with Formlabs’ resins.

We did see an increase in Resin Sensor errors with a recent batch of tanks and there are a few things that we can try to get it corrected. If it’s an empty tank, manually filling the resin half way to the fill line will oftentimes correct this. Removing the tank and slowly re-inserting it just until the ‘tank inserted’ message displays also helps to correct the issue. If those steps don’t correct things, our support team will work to assist.

I’m wondering if the pdms is lifting because there is too much surface tension. I noticed the cloudiness of pdms is actually pits in the silicone so a wild guess is as this clouds you need more force to peel the layer.

Just a hunch.

So when I Formlabs coming out with a top down system? That is something I would buy

I doubt FL will do a top-down. To have equivalent build volume to Form 2 with a top-down you’d need at least $1000 of resin in the tank (probably more…)

Not if the resin is floated on water.

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