Leaky tank leads to resin everywhere

A warning/show and tell for you all.

Upon changing tank this morning, I noticed a nice pool of resin in the internals of the printer. Luckily none on the glass screen but I am yet to take it apart so there will no doubt be a lot more inside to try and clean up.

Adds on to the ever growing list of issues with this machine.

Once I’m done cleaning up I’ll empty out the tank to see how/where it has leaked from, I’m guessing around the silicone window.

This isn’t a failure mode we see often and our support team will absolutely want to help investigate the root cause and give tips on cleanup and any necessary troubleshooting steps. I’ve reached out to our support team and one of our members will be in touch with you over email to help out with this.


Well, actually I’ve seen this several times now from different users. Little bit worried about last batch of resin tanks.

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Have to say, all those air bubble in the bond area do not inspire confidence of a good manufacturing process. I’m not saying they leak because of the air pockets, just that I would be concerned in my line of work. You have the advantage that most don’t in that you can see the bond area for inspection purposes.

Are these trays bonded under vacuum? I suspect not. looks like it should be relatively easy to tool up to do.

Example 1, un-opened tray

Example 2, Brand new tray with Tough resin in (It’s under the bond area)


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Just picked up six resin tanks from our incoming good dept. and they all look that bubbly like the one from epicmcd

the bubbles are in the glue keeping the window in the tray, not the silicon coating, it shouldn’t affect anything

…because the silicone runs up the sidewalls and in so seals the tank?

I’m sure there is blue resin under the one shown in my pic above… Couldn’t say for sure without dismantling it though. :thinking:

Which I’m not going to do just yet.

Well I look forward to this, it certainly doesn’t inspire confidence.

I managed to clean it well enough, I didn’t take the whole thing apart though so there may well be a bit of resin inside. Nothing on the glass at least.

The silicone should seal the bottom, so if resin gets underneath then it’s because the silicone has separated from the tank somewhere. That’s the only thing you really would be concerned about

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So Zachary! It doesnt happen right? The PDMS layer does not get loose. How often, since i reported, have you seen on formlabs expert site and here, reports about PDMS layers that are getting loose and / or leaking tanks?

And BTW it now happened too with a NON BLUE CAST resin!

Kind regards Chris!

Again, the issue for you is that the resin you used is third-party and any damage that happens when using it is not covered under warranty since they can’t guarantee that a third-party resin will work properly.

And again, a single report of a tank issue does not mean widespread product flaws. Formlabs will support and replace items when used under warranty conditions using their resins.


Not seen this happen with a Form 1 tank. Are the Form2 tanks different in their assembly? Why would a different resin make any difference to causing this?

Also do you think some clear tape underneath along the seam would help seal it better just incase this happens? providing it’s outside the print area? My worst nightmare would be a resin leak as cleaning this stuff up isn’t too pleasant.

Yes a g a i n Mr Breckin.

Nr 1: This ALLREADY now happened with many standart resins now! Exact the same!

NR 2: a S I N G L E report? Seriously? You have obviously not read the forum the past weeks and even more obviously not the formlabs expert facebook group!

resin tanks that crack, leak, loose the pdms layer, where the resin spil cover breaks and and and.

…should sound familiar as long as someone is unprejudiced :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening everybody! Chris!

If you have issues, contact support though again, they aren’t going to provide support when you use unsupported resins since the problem can be caused by the resin. They will of course support any issues that happen with the tank if you use their resins.

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I’ve had a similar problem with a tank only used with grey resin. Thankfully it hadn’t leaked in the machine, but the window had become detached and had dropped on one side. I’ve not yet checked my other tanks, but most of them were delivered at the same time (Feb 2017)

I had this happen to me once as well.

I believe in my case that I was ultimately the cause of the problem: I used the metal scraper provided with the cleaning kit on the bottom of the tank, and I think I used too much pressure near the edges of the tank. I believe this weakened the bond and ultimately caused resin to leak out under the tray

Well, I’d had a failed print and had used the scraper as advised to remove the resin which had cured on the bottom. It came away pretty effortlessly. I did notice that the bond around the edges where the window is glued in isn’t great. It’s certainly not what I would have called a good bond when I’ve specified bonded joints in the past for work. There are lots of voids and areas lacking in adhesive. I’m going to check my other tanks tomorrow evening for the same problem and to look at the bonds.
I’d raised a ticket with my reseller. They asked me to look at something and when I did the window just dropped right out. Thankfully the membrane in the base of the tank remained intact and I didn’t end up with my bench covered in grey resin.

This tank has probably had less than half a litre of resin through it in total.

Time to buy Resin Tank LT … :sweat_smile:

That’s actually a good advice IMHO. Formlabs obviously has hardware issues, but they also correct them… albeit not as fast as one would want sometimes.

I didn’t receive my LT yet but I read here that it has a black bezel around the window so one could suppose they did change the bonding process to solve these issues. After all, on top of the longevity aspect they did also address two other big issues with the current standard tanks namely the tendency to spill and the printer detection.

Same problem over here… It looks like the silicone delaminated from the glass