Tank LT excess curing problem

I’ve put my first LT tank on the machine yesterday and I have some issues with resin (clear) curing between the rafts, up to 1 - 1,5 mm thickness

Printed perfectly before switching. This enlarged area makes it really hard for the machine to peel.

you aren’t printing with cover up are you? That is a LOT of leaking UV light.

I think you have an optics issue- The area between the rafts should NOT be getting UV exposure that could cause this.

Well as stated before, it only happens with this one LT tank I just got. Besides the raft al parts are crisp an detailed, like always.

I’d definitely contact support about it.

What I’m thinking now, how easy is it to remove these parts from the platform? Maybe the Z-offset is wrong for this particular tank. You could play with it by changing it in the printer, but it is not a good solution.

the only thing I can think of that might explain it is if the rubber layer at the bottom of the tank has some kind of dust mixed in with the rubber that would disperse the laser as it passed thru.

Have you cleaned the underside of the tank?

If the layer at the bottom was cloudy or had dust mixed in you should see this back in the rest of the print as well. This is not what @DieselPower is saying.

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