Swapping same resin type on one resin tank

Hi I want to get an idea on whether it’s ok to swap same type resin but different colors (i.e. Standard white to Standard black) on same V2 resin tank? I will of course drain out as much of the first resin color and scrap with soft squeegee andI get the slight shades of colors change and I’m ok with that.

I just want to swap out for different colors of the same resin type; I’m assuming they have same material properties and won’t have contamination ?

The materials are similar but have different laser exposure profiles. I’ve swapped colors on Form 2 tanks (both standard and LT) with no ill effect, but try not to do it very often. You can’t avoid some degree of contamination, although I doubt it will be significant enough to change your print shades or anything like that.

Thanks! I guess my plan is to do first 1L of standard white, then switch to standard black for rest of the resin lifetime since I won’t be needing white as often. You think that’s ok? Not sure if you’ve done that. I got V2 Form 3 tank