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Resin Tank Material Switch 3L?

I’m very new to resin printing to start… All of my experience is FDM.

My question is, how do I clean my resin tank so that I can switch from my Durable material to Rigid 10k. I just emptied my tank into a separate container and I have the feeling I’m doing this wrong. Am I supposed to have a tank for every material?

Thank you in advance!

Yes. You are supposed to have a resin tank for every material. It’s better like this.

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Wow, ok. It makes sense to me now looking at it more. I attempted to clean the skimmer and realized how difficult that would be so I started to think that I might not need to clean the tank; just get a new one.

This is not mandatory. But more convenient. Welcome to the resin 3d printing! More messy than FDM, but more precise parts as well. :grinning:

I just placed an order for a few more tanks, convenience is what I need as I am the only one doing the printing at our company.

Yes I’m quickly understanding the “messy” part of this process! The thing I don’t fully grasp yet is how to fully clean and re-use a tank with a different material without cross contamination??

All the informations are here from Formlabs;

Inspecting and cleaning resin tanks (Form 3L/Form 3BL) (

Replacing the resin tank (Form 3L/Form 3BL) (

Disposing of resin tanks (

Thank you Bill!

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I have a form 1+ there are no more resin tanks my printer it’s working well. Should I take my printer to trash? I’m very hungry with formlabs because they have left support form 1+ the next will be form 2 and etc. I have hoped by form 7 to be actual?

there was mention of another company a few years ago making replacement tanks. need to search threads if it was not deleted