Switching between resins? How do I do this?

I am new to 3D printing here. I have Dental SG resin and the Dental model 1L

I have printed a few test prints with the Dental SG. No I want to print a dental model with the model resin.

How do I efficiently switch between resins? I have all this resin sitting on the bottom of the form 2 resin tank. I don’t want to waste it.

Is there a guide for switching back and forth between resins? Thanks.

That gets tricky and isn’t recommended. Especially putting resin back into a cartridge as it can contaminate what’s already in it. They recommend a tank for each to avoid this as cleaning tanks kind of sucks.

I figured. Pretty cheap. $59.

99 for the long life, which I’d suggest.

Having different tanks for each material is easiest but you can certainly empty the tank and re-use it with another material. If you’re looking to use a tank with a different material, filtering the resin into a funnel and back into the cartridge is best practice.