Resin Tank Cleaning

What is the best way to clean the interior section of the resin tank?

After I pour the left over resin out, do I need to rinse it? Should the tank be free of any left over resin from the previous build?

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Unless you know you are not going to use the printer in the next few months you can leave the resin in the tank to use in the next print.

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As bill mentioned, unless you have a specific need to remove the resin from the tank, I’d probably leave it just for simplicity’s sake.

Is there a reason you’d like to clean that surface? Just asking out of curiosity as maybe I can point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

this is my first time printing via resin, so I just wanted to know the best way to maintain/preserve the resin tank. if or when the leftover resin in the tank hardens, I assume I need to clean it before the next print?

I actually have the same question. I would like to experiment with different types of resins and also try out several colors, but I only have a few resin tanks.

Unless your printer is left in strong sunlight with the cover open, the resin left in the tank will not harden.

Hello, I’m also looking for an answer to this question. None of the responses have actually provided an answer so far.

When I switched resin from Grey to Grey Pro I followed these steps to clean the tank.

Haven’t been so lucky. Today I just discarded two trays. Couldn’t clean them.
Washed a third, but the window is very cloudy - almost white. Use white resin 4000v1 most times. It’s becoming very expensive to use this printer. Very dejected today


Sorry to hear about your poor experience cleaning tanks. For future reference, I wanted to pass along our guide for Inspecting and cleaning resin tanks (Form 3/Form 3B). If issues persist after attempting to clean, please feel free to share a few photos of the tank with our Support Team for a closer look.