Resin tanks etc. swap

Good evening… SO i just jacked up my white resin tank (ordered 2 new ones), its scratched, not fixable with new silgard. anyway. Can I use one of my other tanks (cleaned etc) for white? I know you can swap white for black, etc, but can you swap OPEN MODE tanks for Regular tanks? the tank I have available I was using as an open mode one.
Thats all :slight_smile:

ok, i just took a risk (not knowing what it would do) and it worked… so all good :slight_smile:

You should be able to switch it just fine.
The concern about using the same tank for different resins is that if enough of the previous resin remains in the tank then it could alter the new resin and cause print failures. For example, if you go from a black resin to clear then it would possibly add some pigment and the layers wouldn’t cure as much as they need to.
However, it’s not difficult to clean out enough resin so that something like that won’t happen, a little residue is fine. A tiny amount isn’t going to affect the overall tank of resin enough to make a difference.

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