More resins = more tanks?

I’m planing to use more then one resin and I don’t know if I’ll need more then one tank.
For start I’ll use transparent, white and grey resins and I need to know if I need 3 tanks(one for each color)?
If yes, then I’ll order them from the start and not wait another 2 weeks until I received them.


It is recommended to have one tank per color, but this isn’t exactly accurate in all cases. Going from clear to another color won’t be an issue. Going from white to grey will be a very light risk of color contamination, but going from any color to clear wouldn’t be advised. So if you plan to go back an forth a lot, get a tank per color.

The color contamination it’s the only problem that can ocure?

Those are the three colors that I would have specific tanks for, You can use one tank for grey and black as long as it’s cleaned reasonably well before switching.

I would just get a tank for each different resin. No cleaning to switch tanks is involved and it can be done in under 30 seconds.


It’s much more convenient to have a separate tray for each resin, otherwise it’s a major pain to remove the resin and clean the tray.

Having one tank per material mostly serves to make your workflow easier and more efficient. When you want to switch colors, you can empty the material from the tank and then use a different cartridge, but this tends to take a few minutes and swapping a dedicated tank will prove easier.

It’s the only factor other than time when speaking of just standard resins. Other engineering resins can be a bit more aggressive to the PDMS and will throw off any wear estimates vs. using just standard.

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