White Resin

Hey everyone, I am about to run out of Grey resin and I’m considering purchasing a bottle of White resin next. I have seen some posts on here about not using the same resin tray for different colors. Is this a huge issue if I do end up using the same tray?

I would think that if I remove all the old resin completely from the tray and filled it with the new resin there shouldn’t be an issue. Luckily I do have an extra tray though if I do need to do this I’m just curious why there is a need to use a different tray per color.


Hi Richard

If you pour all the resin out of the tank and scrape out the remainder using the spatula, you can then use the same resin tank. After you pour in the white resin, make sure to mix it well in the tank, so that any traces of the grey can be dissolved away. Since all the formlabs resins are pretty much the same resin, with the exception of the color pigments, you shouldn’t have any problems doing this.

Of course if you switch colors often, the convenience of having multiple trays for each of the colors can’t be beat.

Good to know, thanks for the response Monger!.