Supports break off mini raft very easily

I’ve contacted support but thought I’d reach out here and see if I can get any advice quicker. The mini rafts are sticking nicely to the build platform, but the supports are breaking off right at the raft. This is an urgent job I’m trying to get done for a customer - figures!

Any ideas?

Yes, the resin will be filtered before I print again :). This is black v4 on a form 2.

since it seems to happen in that squared section is probably that the the galvo mirrors are dirty and cleaning them might make the trick, however if its an urgent print i wouldnt use the mini rafts, just go for the rafts, in my experience the mini rafts tend to have more problems

All the pieces that happened to still be attached in the picture broke off the raft in the same spot with just a light tap.

In my experience Black V4 is a difficult resin due to the amount of pigment in it.

We had such failures when we didn’t shake the bottle every time before printing. The result was settling of pigment followed by print failures.

Thanks, I’ll make sure to give the tank a good stir and the resin in the cartridge a shake as well before I start another print.

Still not sure why it would only happen on this layer - the rafts are stuck nicely to the platform, and the parts print nicely if they don’t break off.

I find that this sometimes happens on printers with higher z-compression levels. To solve the issue, I typically increase the raft thickness form default 0.75mm to about 1.5mm

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Is there a way to increase the raft thickness while maintaining the support points? I spent a lot of time customizing them as there’s an internal cavity (with a perforated wall) and it would be nice not to have to do that again :slight_smile:

Got it -

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change raft thickness
click Edit
make a small change so the Apply button appears
When you click Apply, it’ll change the raft thickness without modifying the support locations. Maybe everyone knew that already lol

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Glad you figured it out. I didn’t know about that trick.

Support checked my laser strength and it looked good, so they had me review the glass underneath the tank, which looked fine until I lit it up with a flash light.

After cleaning the top and bottom of the glass, as well as the mirror you can see in the pic (which was hazy as well), the print appears to be doing fine. It’s about at the point where they broke off last time, so I’ll keep an eye on it! I also increased the thickness of the mini rafts to 1.5mm as suggested.
While filtering the resin, I checked the bottom of the tray and it’s still not cloudy.

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