Prints falling off half way through printing

As the title says. The prints almost finish (about 3/4 of the way through) I have 4 small models setup for the print and 3 of them fell off. This has happened twice now with a different model surviving each time. It looks like they are snapping off at the base of the rafts, I’m using the mini raft option. It’s almost like its printing the join between the support and the raft way way too thin, I have a brand new tank and resin. Everything has been cleaned and the surviving print is perfect. Any ideas? I’d rather not have to print them on the larger rafts.

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There are two option im thinking of, one is that the rafter density or thickness are too low, so adding more suuport manually can assist, depends on the model size and location.

Two is that the mirrors are dirty and you dont get a good curing so parts are twisted and falling.

Can you please upload some pictures of the model you print with PreForm software and also the parts that failed?

What resin are you using?


Hey, I’m using the standard black resin. here are the pics, as you can see the one model printed fine, in previous prints there were 4 models and the heaviest stayed on the print bed and the other ones fell off so it’s not the weight.
The models are different heights though and I thought maybe the sweeping arm was knocking the higher models off.

just emptied the tank, cleaned it, checked the mirrors (they are crystal clear). This is a brand new tank and resin. the whole thing is getting frustrating and I am losing money because of this rubbish!

It looks like the layers are delaminating - The bond between layers is failing. If you can alter the orientation to reduce the surface area presented relative to the face of the PDMS then its going to improve. If you are using an LT tank try the Orange standard tank (it seems to have less adhesion to the print)

I am using a standard tank, what I think it happening is the print bed is not lifting high enough and the sweeper arm is knocking the prints off.

Its a lot of surface area being exposed each time. By changing the orientation can you reduce that? As you can see in your picture another layer is showing signs of delaminating (ringed in red below

Can you post the stl file of what you are trying to print? I am happy to suggest slightly better orientations


Can’t really tilt the model too far as the top of it needs to be totally free of support nubbins, would making the model hollow help?

yes it would

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I’ll give that a go and see if it helps, thank you very much!

I never tried using the mini-rafts with black resin. But using the standard rafts, when I transitioned from black version 3 to V4, I started having a lot of failures due to supports snapping off at the base. I tried switching to ALW black resin, the supports don’t break but it eats up the PDMS layer on the tank far too quickly. Still have not found a black resin that I like as much as V3.

Conclusion. I stopped using the mini rafts and the prints came out perfectly, for some reason the connection between the little raft circle and the support struts is super weak with the black resin.

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