Support Ticket Delays?

Has anyone else with open tickets been experiencing an usual delay in responses?

I’ve always found the support team to be very quick, a day or two delay at the outside, but my current ticket has been open for a week, and other than the initial reply requesting more info (which I provided) I’ve not gotten any response.

I’ve bumped the ticket a few times, and even sent an email inquiring if the ticket had been dropped, that was manually merged with the exisiting ticket, but still not a word from the team.

If the team in on the road, or folks are on vacation, or whatever, it’s totally understandable, but it’s a dramatic shift compared to my past experiences, and my off-line machine grows more frustrating with each day of silence.

Is it just my ticket?

Thanks for letting us know, Eric! We definitely do our best to respond to all queries as quickly as possible – it sounds like there might be something going on in our system, that is causing your tickets to be overlooked. We’ll get on it and someone will be in touch with you soon.

Thanks!  I knew something had to be wrong, you all are usually great with responses.  Thanks for the quick update!!!

Hate to bump again…but another 24hr silence has me worried

Hello Eric,

We definitely strive to have our back-and-forth turnaround be under 24 hours - -but you are talking to Jory and I know he’ll take care of you! I’m sure that you’ll get a response today, as we work through our support queue! Thanks for your patience – and also for making us aware of how we can improve.


Been waiting for a while on my latest ticket (36134) too, usually takes a couple/few days but been 5 so far, they must be overwhelmed right now or something.

Yeah, it’s not just you, I’m having longer than normal wait times too. I too think they are probably overwhelmed with support tickets. Which in itself may not be a good sign.

I agree Matt. I sent my last one on the 22nd, I thought I’d hear back today but it’s not looking so.

That is not acceptable.  Having a backlog that they can not keep up with is not the customers problem.  Patience?  Is there really a choice when the only form of contact is electronic?  If they have too many tickets either hire more help or fix the underlying problems.  If it is a problem with the ticketing system then that needs to be fixed or replaced.  It is time for action not excuses.  There has been talk for a long time on improvements but I have yet to see them.  How long does FL expect customers and potential new customers to wait around for them?

I just got a reply on mine :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the thoughts  –  on Monday, our response time can be a little slower than usual, as our team catches up with questions from over the weekend.

I see that some of you who’ve posted to have been responded to already – for others (R. Vincent Erb) it does appear that there is an issue with responses making it back to the correct email account for you. Our team has sent multiple responses last week, but it appears they’re not making it through. I’ll look into it personally, and make sure that we connect the dots.

For those of you who haven’t yet received responses, I know how frustrating it can be. We’re well-aware and always working to decrease our response time and increase capacity. We do appreciate the frank feedback, and thanks for hanging on.


I have submitted an update to a ticket that I need processed ASAP.

Thank you for you prompt attention to this.

Thank you.

David Rosenfeld

Thanks, David. Our support team will get back with you (and everyone else who inquires) as quickly as possible.