Support Ticket Time

Has anyone had issues getting support tickets answered lately?.. I submitted a ticket on the 14th and I still have not gotten a response to answer my problem… I am 99% sure I need the cleaning directions to the mirrors but I would also like some assurance that this will hopefully solve my problem. Last thing I want to do is try flying by the seat of my pants to clean the mirrors to get our machine back up and running to catch up on back logged prints that have been requested…


some times the support is very fast.
sometimes they are very lazy.

redo the support ticket

I agree with Miguel, resubmit the ticket!. I submitted a ticket yesterday evening (GMT+1) and got a reply within the hour.


Hello Thomas — scanning our system, I see your ticket submitted on 11/14, as well as several responses from our team (the first of which was that same Friday), as well as an additional follow-up from your query.

Is it possible that the emails from our system aren’t making it through to you? The emails should be sent from, if you’re able to check your inbox or spam filter?

Thanks for the response I have not received anything in my spam box over the last two weeks but I did receive an email from a Roxanne asking “if there was anything else you could do for me” to which I responded to her, about not getting any kind of information from formlabs, I have not gotten a response from that yet that is any directions or questions to me on what is happening
below are the emails that I have received from Formlabs

1st was a generic email to which told me to wait for a response (Friday 14th 1302hrs)

The second was the following (Tuesday 19th 1702hrs)

I am not sure if the emails got blocked by a corporate filter or if there was a specific file attachment that was flagged but I have nothing in my spam box. Hopefully the support group can resend the emails or attachments to me so that I can respond accordingly.

Last I know that this response may come across as aggressive or angry but I understand that technology gets in the way and all I want is my machine back up and running so that I can get my bosses off my butt. :smiley:


Hmm, I’m sorry about that, Thomas. Roxanne did send out a number of more substantive responses, and I’m not sure why they didn’t make it through!

I’ll make sure we send you another note and get you on the road to having your concerns addressed!

Thanks please let me know if you would like another email to use just in case it is something within our systems blocking the responses.

Sam, could it be your email system? Because I sent you an email the other day an never got a response. Just wondering.

Hmmm, I haven’t heard any reports of issues. I’ll double-check and see if something is up. @Monger_Designs — did you submit a ticket other than the one you’ve got going with Luke? I don’t see that, unfortunately, so I wonder if something is wrong…

Hi @Thomas_Judy! I just sent you another email through a different channel, so feel free to let me know via this thread or through a new support ticket if you don’t receive that. Thanks for your patience while we work this out!

Thank you I did receive the new email and replied though there thanks for the follow up

A few days before submitting that ticket, I emailed you, and CCd it to Lindsay and Tara. I then opened the ticket when I got no response for a few days from anyone. You should definitely check to see if there is an issue with the emails.