Customer service

horrible non existing technical support.
new formlab2 printer is sitting here and the curing light is out.
no error message, no anything that would help.
technical support has no phone number this automated robot service is offline.
I think they put my ip address on their blacklist.
i am ready to send the whole nine yard back and asking my money back in full.
this is the new way to do business. collect the money and dissappear.
formlabs, two thumbs down!

they respond in a few days usually. they will ask if you under warranty, then ask u to ship it back in the box it came in.and they will ship new or rebuilt one out to replace. if you pay extra for support they answer the phone

I have always gotten a response within a few hours after opening a support ticket. But yeah, it’s a strange feeling when you realize there’s no way to reach them by phone.

Thank you, so far nobody has answered to my technical support request submission. Although I have received an email with a confirmation of garanteed reply within 24 hrs. They have a couple of hours left.

how did you open a support ticket?

usually takes 2 days and Monday was holiday for some people

Hey everyone!

I’m so sorry for the less than ideal support experience. I suspect the delay here was due to the holiday on Monday when our support team was not in the office.

Also really appreciate the good intentions on posting the phone number! That being said, I removed the post, because this phone support is part of our paid Pro Service Plan service and isn’t for wide use. Sorry for the trouble but I wanted to be transparent about it.

I am sure if a phone number would be available on Formlabs website that would make your company transparent!

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DKirch, if you are posting behalf of Formlabs, you could’ve post ahead of time Formlabs is closed on President’s Day. Our laboratory has a Pro Service Plan does not do any good if the office is closed and customers are unaware of it.

Really appreciate the feedback. You’re absolutely right and that’s something we should be more preemptive about in the future. We definitely don’t want anyone feeling stuck and unable to get answers without knowing what’s going on. I’ll pass that along.

Again, I’m so sorry for the trouble this week. We’ll do our best to improve messaging of this type in the future.

The replacement printer is on its way. Thank you.