Printer not working after warrenty repair

I recently sent my Formlabs2 in for warranty repair, the resin tank was not being recognized. I just got it back and set up today (initial contact on for repair was May 14, # 149086).
Guess what??? The resin tank is STILL not being recognized…
I am so disappointed and frustrated, and my only course of action? Reaching out to Tara Saulnier via chat to pass a message to Heather Winchell who I already emailed and hope it doesn’t take another 3.5 days of back and forth emails to get a shipping label on top of another 2+ weeks for repair.
Like everyone else on here, the printer is an integral part of my business, and I really need my printer working. I adjusted my timeline once around fixing my printer, and now my business is hurting at the prospect of another repair/wait.
Any similar experiences, solutions? Suggestions?
I would be extremely grateful-

If it’s a critical part of your business, buy the Pro service plan The printer is presented as a machine for professionals, but the support and service are more prosumer or amateur level.

I had the same sort of issue last year, and was way too aggravated to feel good about the extra money.

The reality is that it was worth it. They cross ship units, so you wind up with only a short down time, and you get to a higher level of talent when you call.

If you buy it, it takes affect immediately (or at least it used to).

Hi Rob-
Thanks for your reply, I may look into that.

You can also ask around and see if someone on the forum. Can help you out by doing the prints for you. At least that way you aren’t continuously putting off a job.

Hi @akoenig311 – Sarah here, I’m the User Services Manager here at Formlabs. I’m sorry to hear your Form 2 came back from repair with the same resin tank recognition problem and that you’ve found it frustrating to get the issue resolved with my team. Absolutely this isn’t our typical experience nor one we find acceptable – for users with or without Pro Service Plan. I’ve checked in with my team to get this sorted and I understand they have a plan to get you printing ASAP – trying a different tank to confirm that’s the source of the issue. Appreciate your patience here – stick with us and we’ll get this resolved.

@akoenig311 - Just a shot in the dark here but try asking Formlabs if they can print the part for you while your machine is getting repaired. They might be able to help you out. Never hurts to ask!!!


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