Printer not printing

Hi all,

My company is very new to the world of 3D printing (aka, we can get them to work, but have a hard time troubleshooting). We have had this Form 2 for about a year, but have just gotten it up and running in the last 2 months or so. It started out printing fine, but now the resin will either cure on the bottom of the tank (either at the beginning or halfway through the printing process) or the resin wont cure at all.

I’ve tried adjusting the z-axis tuning, switching resins, and getting a new tank, but the issues continue to happen. If anybody has insight into what the problem could be, any help is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: I contacted Formlabs support, and they said it seems like there was a drastic decline in the power of our laser recently. If anyone else has this issue, reach out to them!

You said, that the printer was delivered almost one year ago… -> did you buy new cartridges of resin since or is your resin as old as the printer it self?

if your resin is older than a year, your mentioned problems could come from this overaged resin.

While we have not bought new cartridges of resin, we have been careful to not use any expired resin. Most of the resins we use have an 18 month shelf life.

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