Difficulty Contacting Support

I’m not sure if this belongs here, but does anyone else think it’s too difficult to contact the support/services team at Formlabs? A phone number to call would be great as well as email. Having only email makes it tough. I call to try to talk to anyone and just sit on hold for the sales number, and the only other option is to leave a message on the after hours voicemail, and this is after 10 am Eastern time. We’ve been having major issues with one printer, and to make sure our R&D isn’t continuously slowed, we bought a new printer with an extended pro service contract (our 3rd printer). The first two prints failed with an error code 41, already costing us a day. I’m now at 2 hours since I submitted a service request and not sure if we’ll get it fixed today, costing us potentially another day. Maybe I’m unreasonable, but if I pay for pro service, I expect a response right away, especially since it’s a brand new printer that is failing immediately. There really should be an easier way to get ahold of support. I’ve read that our issue could be a 20 minute fix. Waiting an extended time to confirm with support if this is true is a little frustrating.

Hey there @drp34,

I’m so sorry to hear your support experience has been frustrating thus far.

Just to be clear, the sales number is not the PSP number. That being said, you should have been pointed in the right direction.

I just flagged the ticket you submitted this morning for our PSP team, and they’re reaching out to you immediately to get your phone number so you can proceed via phone from here.

Again, I want to apologize for the confusion and the fact that it wasn’t clear on our end where to go. Keep an eye on your email and you should have a reply from them very soon.

Thank you for taking care of that. I had someone contact me and we are testing the fix right now.

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