Bad support, no response after two emails


what is your experience with the support?

Since last monday my formlabs 2 is still defective. I’ve written two emails, has one call with the seller team, but no reaction as yet.

Did you have any similar experiences?

I’m very disappointed…


My experience with support has been the same. I was not even able to use my Form2 from unboxing the thing and the support team was not helpful at all. I ended up fixing the issue myself and now another problem with connectivity has risen where I am not able to connect to WiFi and connecting through USB is not working either.

The support rep recommended that I purchase a Support Plan before even properly supporting us as we unbox it. Which is extremely disappointing. I’ve really had problems with the printers since we powered it on and instead of focusing on fixing the issue the support rep saw an opportunity to up-sell.

VERY DISAPPOINTED ALSO. Wondering what your issue was?

Hope you were able to rectify your issue!

I always questioned the ethics behind selling support from the get go on a product.
I could see if that was an option outside a warranty but not if the machine had issues within the warranty period.

So far I have had great support from FL from when I needed it.

Was your machine still under warranty?

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