Order Status and Contacting Support

I’ve tried contacting support multiple times this week and have not gotten any email response from individuals who had previously helped me. It seems that I cannot create a support ticket either… clicking the button just ends up looping me back to the same page. So I tried calling this morning and did not get an answer.

Last I had heard, my Form 2 order was supposed to have shipped on Jan 25th. I have not received any updates but my orders page now shows 2 full shipments reflecting everything from my order had shipped. I’m wondering if I should expect something to show up or has my shipment been delayed?

My order is 100022364


I often find the order actually hits the shipper the day after the notification, and there’s a lag in getting accurate info as to tracking.

. And it ships ground from Ca. Takes 3 to 5 days to the East Coast.

@BenMalcheski just wanted to confirm that you received an email from our support team last week. Please let me know if you didn’t get the message. If you have trouble reaching us in the future, please confirm that you’re contacting support@formlabs.com or using the web submission form. We certainly don’t intend to leave you waiting uninformed.


Thanks for following up. Yes support did get in touch with me and updated me on the status of my order. From now on I’ll directly use the email address. The link you provided for the web submission form works but I was not able to get to it before by going through (what I think) was all of the appropriate pages/links.

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