Are Formlabs liars or just incompetent?

Two weeks ago I paid in full for a Form2 full kit and pro service. I even ordered extra resin and tanks. For two days Formlabs “lost” my money - a scary way to start.

Over two weeks later, I still don’t even have a tracking number to show my printer has been shipped - the website shows that it hasn’t. Some other parts of the order have arrived, but no printer.

Support are trying to placate me with endless broken promises. They even tried to tell me that the printer was actually shipped, but they “lost” the tracking number. Seriously. I rather believe it’s a lie.

The experience has been awful. Miserable. Pathetic. Depressing.

How does this compare to other customers’ experiences? Have I bought in to a nightmare?

I had a flawless experience about a year ago, but since I’ve read many users never get tracking info and just get a surprise delivery.
The lost payment thing is odd. They do ship parts as they get them, as was my experience as well.
I hope they can get back in your good graces.


Haven’t had any problems with Formlabs, also you can sign up for Fedex/UPS accounts for your address and they’ll send you emails whenever a package is on the way in case a store doesn’t send you a tracking email.

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