Support issue: resolved

UPDATE: support is being very helpful. Thank you FormLabs!

Hello Thomas,

Our team strives to turnaround messages in hours — if not sooner. It’s possible that your ticket has been overlooked or is more complex. I’ll double-check.

Sam - thank you.

Stephen got in touch with me right away, it seems like my case got temporarily sidetracked.

All seems good now… thanks guys, I know you are a great company.

Looking forward to resolving this.

Wow, Mine must be a really tough problem… It’s been days since I got a reply. Seriously, you guys have too many ‘lost’ mails… I can see how it’s confusing with so many different support staff only using 1 common email…

Anyway, some help would be very much appreciated.


Apologies, @TeckWeeTan—if you put in a note on Friday, it’s likely that our team won’t circle back to it until business hours on Monday. I’ll do a quick check and make sure that we haven’t overlooked your note. Thanks for letting us know!

I actually put in a reply on Wednesday as a follow-up to the issue that I was having and gotten no reply till the week was over.