Ticket answer

How long does it take to get a ticket answered
I got my first response 1hr 30mins ago

I replied 3 times since
How long does to get an answer back from that usually from you reply

Any help would be great

We aim to answer tickets within 24 hours and often respond more quickly based on how many tickets we’ve received that day. Let me know if you don’t hear back from a member of our team and I’ll reach out.

I have heard nothing all day
seems wrong you get your first reply and when you reply back to that you have to wait another day.
The machine arrived new yesterday and dose not work and I am very unhappy about the very slow response to this as It will not even switch on

Any help would be great

Hi Mark - to echo Zach, we absolutely respond within 24 hours. Our support teams are typically able to respond to you 1-2 times per business day. It sounds like you’re in active contact. Please stay tuned for a second follow-up from our Berlin office soon, and thanks for your patience and communication regarding set up for your Form 2.

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thank you

thank you seem to be getting sorted

what are the working times for the support GMT

@marktyr3d, they are about 5 hours earlier than GMT. Usual work times in the US are from about 1 p.m. GMT (8 a.m. Eastern US) to around 10 p.m. GMT (5 p.m. Eastern US). That will at least give you a ballpark.

In my experience, Formlabs has been very responsive. I bought my printer in July, and had an issue (user error!) in trying to remove the tank, and they were right on it. I would say that your situation is out of the ordinary as far as support experience.

What problem are you having with the printer? Sometimes folks on the forums can help.

I have to echo what Kat has stated. I have only had amazing experiences with their support. Times are correct.

@katkramer That being said, he bought a new printer and it is DOA. I’d be a little upset too if I were in his shoes. But rest assured @marktyr3d, FL will take great care of you.

thanks guys
I got my machine yesterday, plugged it in but nothing. Dead .

At the moment it is apart on the bench and I am now again waiting for another reply on what to do next

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