Poor Customer Service


I am deeply disappointed with standard of customer service. I have received a brand new Form 2 which does not work. Contacted customer service immediately and had to wait almost 24 hours for an initial response. The response talks to working quickly to fix the problem and asked me to perform a couple of actions. These were completed within 10 minutes with problem unresolved, took another 7 hours for next response with more actions to try. Again these actions were performed within 20 minutes with no resolution. I have yet to get another response and am over 20 hours since any reply. This is not working quickly to fix the problem nor is it acceptable that I now have a brand new machine for over 3 days which doesn’t work and no resolution in sight.


Maybe calling them is better? For me, I think the customer service is amazing and they’ve helped me resolve my problems very fast. In your case, I believe a call is a better option since it doesn’t work at all.


I’ve tried that all I can get is sales
They tell me they will reach out to support and notify them
which they did 7hrs later

I would not mind if the printer was even 1 week old but out of the box

I don’t know!


I’m sure they will help you soon. Just have some patience and take it easy :slight_smile:


3days ??patience


I’m disappointed to hear you’re not satisfied in your experience with our support team. We do try to answer tickets as quickly as possible and as Stephen mentioned, are usually able to reply 1-2 times per day. Here’s to hoping you’re up and running quickly!


@aad345 @Frew I think I am correct in saying the tech support number is only available to those who purchased the extra support package, but I could be wrong. But to echo what you have stated, the support there is phenomenal in my experience.

@marktyr3d Am I correct in remembering that you are in Germany? I know you have posted many threads in the past 3 days and I seem to remember that you mentioned Berlin in one post. Perhaps there is a delay because of the time difference. Remember they are Eastern Standard time in the US (as I type this it is 8:30am PST, 11:30am EST and 5:30pm in Berlin. again as I type this their support will be open for another 5.5 hours).

I hope this helps and I hope this doesn’t completely ruin your overall experience with such a great company.


I am in Ireland


Ah OK (4:30 your time), my point is still valid about time differences.

I completely understand your frustration however, I would be frustrated too spending that much $ for a product that came DOA. Give them time, they will get it sorted out.


they have just go back to me and are replacing it


They just have A new will be sent to me


Glad to hear it! :+1:


Glad to hear too, good luck with the marvelous machine!

I think a lot of companies can learn from formlabs support. They respond very promptly and if I don’t respond within two days, they contact me again asking if everything is OK. I’m used to much, much worse.


For what it’s worth, I’ve had EXCELLENT customer service from Formlabs. The response time is usually within 2 hours during North American business hours, which is perfectly acceptable. Their customer service is WAY better than several other companies (in fact, one company I’m currently dealing with has not responded to my 4 phone calls and 3 emails since last week!).

I personally feel that a lot of other companies can learn from how well Formlabs is doing their customer service!


Thanks Guys i’m sure it would not have been so bad but any other forums i’m on with my other printers I found the response times a lot quicker.
I would like to say that any time they have reached out to me they have been very nice. (but there system is very slow).

That’s only my opinion
And hopefully my experience will improve. in the future


I also have had fast response times and good customer service, so I would say that it’s not the norm. In fact, we all know @Frew, because he/she is very active in the forums.

I would also suggest that if you have any issues in the future, do check the forums. I have found them to be a wealth of information. It certainly does sound like yours was an issue requiring Form’s response, so I’m glad they were able to reach out and get your printer replaced.

I’ve had mine since July, and have been really pleased with the service and the printer itself. I never dreamed I would someday have this technology on my desk. Anyway, welcome!




Good to know. I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy your new toy soon :grin:


A forum is not an official support channel, although employees in many cases can and will respond to forum posts. I’m skeptical that you’ve dealt with many other true support outlets. 24 hours is not unreasonable. My office support for a $50k 3D printer which we also pay a $4k/yr service contract on is longer than that. If you want immediate phone support, pay for it!


I’m aware of that in fact I have dealt with support for machines in excess of €150,000 in the past but that’s none of your business.