Terrible Customer Service


How do you contact someone that can actually help with a problem? I have 2 form 2 printers that I purchased within the last year and a half and neither of them works anymore. One just randomly shut off one day and I haven’t been able to power it back on since. And the other continues to fail every print

I’ve reached out to customer service, spent the better half of this week doing their “tests” including removing housing from the base to inspect the wiring (per their suggestions). And nothing is working.

Now to top it all off, I haven’t heard from them in days. I’ve tried calling and emailing. No responses. I’m sitting here with over $7,000 invested (not to mention multiple plates, trays, etc.) that I can’t do anything with.

I’m at a standstill until this gets remedied. Does anyone have any idea’s that could help me? I’d rather try something than twiddle my thumbs waiting for them to respond.


Not sure if you tried this, but if it were me, the first thing I would try if the printer won’t power on, is to test the AC adapter to see if it output any power.

Get a voltmeter, and test the adapter output at the barrel plug. Do you get any reading, if so what is the voltage.

I really could be something as simple as the adapter going out. It happened to me.


Thanks for the idea. I have swapped the power cords with my other printer, and I do know it isn’t the outlet or cord. Also, when I removed the base housing, there was a solid green and solid red light on the chip.


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