Suddenly having a Cover Open error

My Printer suddenly decided to stop working in the middle of a print with the “Cover open, please close the cover” error. And yes, the cover is closed.

I have tried unplugging the printer and restarting it and it gives the same error at start up whether the cover is open or closed. I have checked the small magnet on the bottom edge of the cover and it still has a fairly powerful attraction.

I have also tried placing a small, even more powerful magnet on the corner of the printer where the magnetic sensor is and that also does not clear the error.

I seems to me that the magnetic sensor in the main body has simply decided to stop working.

It sounds like the interlock sensor on your printer may be malfunctioning. If you haven’t already, shoot us a ticket to and our support team will get you sorted out!

I am having the same issue with my brand new Form 3. It came out of the box with that issue. Then within an hour of it being powered up, it went away. I was able to print one run, then it came back. And this time it has never recovered. “Cover is open. Please close the cover.” The unit is practically bricked. A $6000 brick.

The cover magnets are strong.

I’ve been sending pics to the support team. But nothing so far. Very frustrating. It’s been a week that I’ve had to stare at this $6000 machine doing nothing. And to be honest I am not impressed with their customer support. Very slow. It took three days for them to even respond. There should be a 24 hour hotline for issues like this without cost. Way too much money to spend on a printer that comes out of the box like this!

So far I am not impressed with Formlabs response. I will give it another week and then I want money back. As much as I love their system, with customer service this slow and ineffective I will go elsewhere.

All that being said, the one print I was able to sneak in looked great! But so far that makes it a $6000 print.