Cover is open - Please close cover

I’ve had my form3 for a few months. It set up and registered fine, and has sat on a shelf for a few months. I’ve turned the printer on to get it set up for some prints and… “Cover is open - Please close cover”

This printer has 0 prints on it. Any ideas? The cover looks aligned and the door shuts properly. There’s some metal bits on the back corners of the covers that I gather are magnets. They look fine as well.

Also: Just checked my dashboard. Printer appears as offline.

Update: Got off chat with support and they walked me through reattaching the interlock sensor cable harness.

Good news. I just pushed the wire harness in and it seemed to do the trick. Bad news, Needed a mirror to find it, andI had to dismantle one of my wife’s makeup compacts for a mirror and have to go buy her some new stuff during a pandemic. So if y’all don’t have a small mirror, go buy one.

Back online and ready to print.

I am having the same issue. It just came out of the box and was setup. Where do I find the interlock sensor