Please close lid - but it is?


Just setting up my first Form2.

Right out of the gate I have an issue haha. Properly installed everything lid is closed, turn on printer and it’s telling me to close the lid but it is fully shut.

I checked that it’s level it is.
The lid is closed down as much as it can.

Any ideas? no particular error code just to close the lid while it’s booting up.


Figured it out.

So there are two magnets on the far right and left. Also slightly off centered two metal pieces. During shipping it must have jolted as one of those metal pieces was stuck to a magnet. I wouldn’t have known what it’s suppose to look like so just figured it was a weird looking magnet haha.

Put it back into it’s place and all is fine.


That right side metal piece keeps flipping over to the magnet on the far right side. I guess the blue that is to hold that metal piece to the lid is not strong enough and eventually it gives way.

kinda of sucky on a brand new printer.

Yeah, sounds like the glue isn’t doing it’s job. Hopefully one of the tinkerers or FL Support regulars can advise you as to what kind of glue to use. I would imagine a dab of superglue would be all it needs, but I would contact support to be sure.

If your printer was damaged during shipping, we’ll of course help to get any damaged items replaced. I’ve reached out to our support team and you’ll be hearing from one of our members shortly who will help to troubleshoot and get everything sorted.

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