Lid Not Level?

Does anyone have issues with their Form 2 lid? We just set ours up the other day and noticed that the lid isn’t on straight. It’s causing issues when closing the lid and not being detected closed until a bit of pressure is applied down on the lid. The right side seams even, its just the left side that isn’t level.

This is the left side (notice that the lid is touching at the back of the printer.

This is the right side.

Since the left side is so low, there is a gap when the lid is closed on the right side.

When I had the Form1+ the lid didn’t quite close all the way, but with the Form2 it closes just fine for me.

Printer came in a week (or two?) ago, same issue with the lid not closing all the way. I have 1-2mm of a gap on the left side as well. Right side comes down all the way.

Not sure if it’s a manufacturing issue or what, I have been ignoring it so far, but it did bother me for a bit there. Now that my Form 2 is having a bit of a failed/warped print phase I have been looking for a way to fix the alignment

I contacted support and they gave me instructions on how to remove the lid and to reinstall. We no longer have any gap/sensor issues. I will post images tomorrow as I am away from the printer for the day.

The lid issue shouldn’t be interfering with your print. Maybe it is something else?

I don’t believe it is the lid, it’s just my sense of paranoia kicking in. I haven’t looked through all of the formlabs site just yet, are the instructions on how to reinstall lid posted somewhere?

I will have to post another thread about my drooping issue for my recent prints…

Not sure if the instructions are posted online. When I emailed them about my issue, they sent the instructions. I would contact if you have any issues.

Here is the lid after following Formlabs instructions

No longer having any closed sensor issues.

I have the same exact issue. Would you share how you level the lid please? I could contact the support but I don’t think it warrants it.

I also have the same issue. I got my printer on Thursday.

It seems like a common issue with the Form 2 3D printers. Not sure how much it would impact the performance and the protectiveness(from dust, debris…etc) of the resin inside the printer.

After one week in my office I have small layer of dust in the machine.

I would contact formlabs support if have any issues with your printer. That way they can record the issue in their system and you get official help.

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