Stop forcing updates

I’m sick and tired of being forced to update the software and firmware over and over again. Every time I do, something goes wrong and I can’t get the damn thing to work. The preform firmware - software updates are so sensitive that I’ve never gotten them to work the first time. I just want a version that works and stick with it! Damn printer forces firmware updates just to operate…why??? I hate not being able to use my $3.5k printer due to so some software glitches.

I just updated to PreForm 2.10.0 and was forced to update firmware on the printer when I tried to print. While trying to update the firmware manually (because automatic NEVER WORKS!!!) now the damn preform software doesn’t even work anymore!!! All I get is “Something caused Preform.exe to crash” and that’s all. I’ve tried reinstalling the software 3 times now.

I don’t print often, but damn everytime i have to print something, I have to jump through hoops of fire just to do anything!!!

What the hell…preform.exe doesn’t want to load but if i double click a shortcut “preform (software rendering)” it loads just fine?!

that targets …preform.exe" -openglBackend software

how do I get regular preform.exe to load without crashing? I can’t use my laptop at all to run preform or print.

Many of the updates in PreForm do require changes in the Firmware to print correctly. This isn’t the case for all versions and oftentimes newer versions of PreForm will be compatible with older versions of the Firmware. We are continuously improving the machine via updates so hopefully they aren’t too bothersome :wink:

We have had a few reports of 2.10.0 crashing and it seems to be from graphics driver incompatibilities. Check out this thread. If upgrading your graphics drivers doesn’t work for you, get in touch with our support team so we can help troubleshoot.

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