Preform crashes when connecting to printer

Freeform V3.0.1
firmware rc-1.19.12-75
OS Win 7

Have you tried preform in compatibility mode?

Problem was windows, I should have turned off updates to prevent windows updates from breaking things. I tried a newer version of preform and the problem is fixed.

You really shouldn’t turn off Windows Update. Just remember next time to make sure you’ve got the most current version of Preform. Windows Update = Good.

I have a dedicated system to run the slicer. The last thing I want to happen is to turn it on one morning and find windows has broken something and I have to spend most of the day trying to fix it before I can run a print job. Should I ever need to update preform again I can always turn on the updates on a day I don’t have any jobs to run and then turn them off again once the new preform is running.