"Spikes" forming on prints

I’m having some trouble with the last few prints, and am wondering if any of you recognize what’s going on here.

There are what I can only describe as “spikes” forming primarily on the support structures, but also on the model. I have seen this in both gray and white resins (different tanks). I’ve filtered the resin and combed it for jello. I cleaned the mirror, but am still seeing the problem.

Any ideas what is causing this?

Given everything you mention, have you tried the laser spot test?

Here are the results of the spot test. Look fine to me…

From what you’ve shared, that looks like it could be a mirror issue to me. How did you go about cleaning the mirror?

You should submit a ticket to the wonderfully helpful folks on our support team and they’ll help diagnose the problem further.

Following on @Steve_Thomas 's comment, it also could result from a tank that is smudged underneath - basically anything defocusing in the optical pathway of the laser could be the culprit.