Cleaning the mirror will NOT fix this

I have been pulling my hair out with nearly all my prints failing. I am having the flaking, or as I like to call it SCABBING all over my prints, on the tray, on the supports, EVERYWHERE. This is my second machine and I have been told that the laser is not bad. I’m sorry but BS! I have been getting this “Rabbit Ear” phenomena for over a month and now I know it has to be interfering with my prints. I just put in a new tray and new resin from the bottle, spent an hour cleaning ALL mirrors and I have not got one SCAB-FREE print in four days. So I’m back wasting time and wasting resin.

This time when I went to remove the galvo motor block, I happened to loosen the clamp on the laser instead. So, now that laser slid out of its slot I ran the laser spot test. What-do-you-know? Coming right off the laser are those dumb “rabbit ears.” So all the mirror cleaning in the world won’t fix that. Shouldn’t I be getting a pin-point image off the laser?
Here is the new laser spot test coming off the mirrors (normal way to do test)

Here is the laser out of its holster and I am sending the beam to a piece of white paper about 3 feet away.

This is coming DIRECTLY from the laser. The laser is NOT bouncing off any mirror. This has to be why my prints are failing.

That laser definitely looks fubar to me.

You are probably right. The last thing to check would be that there is not dust inside the gun barrel or on the lens of the laser.