Video showing how I cleaned my main mirror. ( Ablations on surface! )

I agree the cleaning technique could be improved but I think the result is okay: I did this mainly to prove that there is a spot on the right corner of the mirror that can’t be cleaned. This spot is when you look down into your printer on the left corner near to you. I got a replacement mirror and now again my new mirror inside of my form1 got the same ablation at the exact same spot! Does somebody have an explanation for that? honest critics on the mirror cleaning are welcome :wink:

Man, why is your video almost 15 min long haha?!

I clean my mirror with a pec pad and it probably takes 5 min all said and done. Heres some quick pics from todays cleaning.

In the before shot you can see some dust and light smudges.

And after. Nice and clean :smile:

Since you mentioned it you probably noticed those spots at the top left of the mirror (closest to me) I thought they were cured resin globs but I think they are actually chips in the glass. I don’t think they are affecting my prints however as the 99% of the mirror looks great. Once I get my new tank today or tomorrow I’ll do another test print and see.

looks good mate …well you are probably right about the time cleaning my mirror but if you would been through what I was and still am you do the extra wipe :wink: Today I cleaned my Galvo mirrors and its important for me to get 100% sure that its not the mirrors which causes my problems! I think its the laser.

Heh, I was just joking around with you but yeah, theres so many things that have to work right together for successful prints. Its definitely a struggle sometimes. Did you ever do a laser test? Theres plenty of talk of it here at the forums if you’re interested in trying to rule something else out.