Video on cleaning the mirror

at one time there were videos to help users clean the machine and the mirror can anyone tell where those are located on the formlabs web site. when ever I try to use the support page all I get is a white blank page. the company system will not allow cookies don’t know if that’s the issue or not.

As far as I know you need to reach out to Formlabs to get the instructions directly. They are not available publicly because mirror cleaning is very sensitive work and they don’t want people casually attempting it and permanently damaging their mirrors.

yep they e-mailed them and it was like night and day difference back to not hating the machine for a while. how often does everyone clean the mirrors. our printer is in a clean room with temp control year round.

It’s hard for us to put a specific recommendation on it, because everyone’s use and environment are different, but I think you could do it quarterly and be OK.

We need to do it every 3 months. But it’s not in a clean room.

I asked tech support and they say every quarter if needed but doing it to often may mar up the mirrors. so I’m going to do a optical test print every 2 months to track the print quality and schedule off of that feed back.