Flakes! I am so g-damn sick of making flakes!

New tray, new resin, clean mirrors and still I’m getting resin “scabs” stuck to the tray, stuck to the supports, and stuck to the parts. I’ve gone through mirror cleaning (main, minor, and glavos) and still flakes appear. I have what they are calling rabbit ears coming off the laser test. I removed the laser from the galvo block and the “rabbit ears” are present right off the laser, I am being told that this version of the laser is not failing out in the field but if not what else can it be?

Does your build platform move a little perhaps?

Have you done the laser spot test? Having the same issue myself after a couple of months of perfect prints, mirrors spotless, new tank and clean resin but spot test looks like my last 2 duff units which both had bad lasers. A ticket will be going in on the next 24 hours.

I actually took a soldering iron and welded the seam between the inverted “top hat” and base. No more wiggle!

I’ve been working with a great guy at formlabs, but he insists the laser is not an issue. I even went as far as to remove the laser from the block and shot the beam on the wall… same rabbit ears appeared so I know it is not the mirrors.

Being an old expert in failed lasers, I would say your laser is bad. Just seeing the “flakes” I would say it is bad. I used to call them skin tags. Formlabs had another name for them back when my lasers failed. What ever they are called they should not be there.

I would have your ticket escalated to Jory. He was always AWESOME to work with. (thanks again, it has been a while).

Good luck.