Flakes appear ----


on my last prints flakes appear hanging on the print…

the internal structure is also affected
I was using a new tray and a new bottle resin

has anybody seen this effect bevor and how did you solve it

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Yea I’ve seen it on both of my printers that failed. The laser is turning into a flashlight and the extra light cures resin on the bottom of the tank just past the edge of the model. Go create a support ticket right away. After they ask you if your mirrors are clean and have you do a laser spot test they will exchange your printer.

It could be an issue as easily resolvable as changing your resin tank or cleaning your mirrors.

My printer was doing the same thing last week and a careful and thorough mirror cleaning did the trick. In any case, I definitely recommend that you reach out to customer support so that they can guide you through the process.

Cleaning the mirrors solved the problem

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