Defective Print


I had the attached defective print. Do you suggest a solution?
I changed the tank and openned a new resin. I got several prints with the same machine Form1+ but started doing this problem recently.


I’m starting to feel like an automated message! Printer hygiene is really important, and these flakes, and failures, when I get them, usually trace back to dust and dirt on the mirrors. Its a good idea to check the resin and tanks, but mirrors count too.

Before running a large print, I now check and clean the main 45° mirror under the tank. Not my favorite thing to do, since it’s a surface coating. But a little bit of dust seems to wreck havoc. I’ve also had to clean the galvos and small mirror in the body of the printer. And magically, the prints resumed working.

FL claims to ship clean interior mirrors, but either they’re missing something in QC, or over time they crud up. I had smudges and crud on mine. It took about half an hour to open up the box and clean.

You need to contact FL support before cleaning the inside mirrors to preserve your warranty.

The other possibility is that you need to change the angle of the print. But my guess is dust or dirt on one or more mirrors.

I’ve love to know if it’s internal mirror dirt. Not dust, which can easily work it’s way into the machine.

Good luck!

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I don’t like rubbing pec pads on the mirrors so I use a sensor brush to clean the dust off. It’s a very fine brush and takes almost no pressure. As always trying to blow dust off first is the best method.

Available at camera shops or online camera stores like Adorama.

Never use a sensor brush to clean off resin from the mirror. That will require alcohol and a pec pad.

Did you open up a support ticket yet? From my experiences in the past, this is due to a failed laser / diode. No amount of cleaning is going to fix this.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Good luck.

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