Small streaks/lines printing onto a supposed flat surface...any ideas?

Hey everyone,

I’m working with my refurbished Form1+ and since its arrival about 2 months ago it has worked very well for me. Since trying to print some newly made models, I am consistently getting a couple of lines or streaks that appear on the flat surface of the model. They appear along different parts of the file in each of test prints, but always towards/horizontal too the hinge side it seems. It appears as if it is printing just one extra layer in various spots on the print.I really am not sure if this is a design file problem or something with preform. Anyone seen anything like this before?

Note* this has appeared on some other models as well, but I did not really care too much on the others. The location of the defects on these latest prints is absolutely a problem.

Any info would be appreciated!


It almost looks likes an artifact generated when the tool path was calculated. Like it has shone there twice and overcured there. Are the ridges (erm, are they ridges?) harder than the surrounding material?

no idea really, just guessing…

Did preform asked you to repair the files? It could be artifacts from a bad surface repair.
Does preform show those ridges in the preview or they only appear on the printed model?

In preform the surface is shown as smooth, and it has not asked to repair any of the models when opened. This problem has occured with two different resins, and all three resolutions, using mac and windows preform software. I’ve opened a tick with formlabs, but I was hoping maybe someone else has come across this problem.

I have never seen this before.

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