Surface Artifacts on 2nd Print

On my second round of printing, I have found that one of the prints (fairly wings) has some artifacts on the flat surfaces.

The previous print was flawless. The only difference with this print is that I flipped the orientation of the wings in Preform, so any surface differences between the two sides (from post production work) would be symmetrical.

The artifacts do not correspond to any of the geo of the model (decimated in Zbrush).

Any insight is appreciated.

Thank you for your reply and taking a look. Good eye. While it doesn’t correspond location-wise with the artifacts, I could see it throwing a wrench in the works.

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These could be similar to the layer shift/waviness that a lot of users are experiencing with the Form 3. Check out this thread here, which I started. This is a now identified issue by Formlabs with no current fix or timeline on a fix. Your issues seems similar but not identical.


Oh no, that’s not something one wants to see… I really hope FL gets the issue sorted.

My artifacts are a bit more geometric (faceted) in nature, however. I think sharpknife’s point about my (embarrassingly missed) penetrating support may be the culprit. I printed again, granted using the first and differently positioned, no penetrating supports, form file, with no issues.

I appreciate you pointing me to that post.


Beautiful prints, @RedAccordion.


Thank you @katkramer, that is very kind of you. I really appreciate it.

Here are some pics and a quick video (volume warning) of the successful prints.

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Thank you, very much. Yes, I was able to get back on track with good prints. I never tried to print with the file that I originally had trouble with. BTW, it turns out those funky supports you pointed out in your paintover, aren’t penetrating from the back. They appear to be their own entities.

So not sure what caused those artifacts, but I’ll post if it happens again.

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Well shoot, it looks like i spoke too soon.

While the previous print was perfect, this one also has raised areas. However they are in different places this time (at the trailing edge of the wing). Both print jobs (perfect, and lumpy) came from the same file.

I just saw that there is a new Preform. Downloading. I have more of these wings to prints so wish me luck…

Those look very much like the wavey or ripply artifacts that people are seeing. Don’t think there’s a fix for that yet.

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Ugh. I was afraid of that. Thanks for your reply. I guess it’s a matter of waiting now. The inconsistency is weird. One print perfect, the next not so.

Even though your part and orientations are the same? I’ve found that the artifacts for myself are typically in the same spot for the same part.

It appears to be that way. Granted I had two different files that I was trying, but I’m pretty sure I used the one where I had good results.

There is a chance however that I got my wires crossed, so I’m starting this one with a slightly orientation.

I did shake, as well as stirred what was in the tank with a silicone spatula. Getting ready to post process a set now. I’ll report back.

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Just printed another set of wings. No artifacts.

My mixing in the tank was probably unnecessary, as it had only been sitting a week. It was very gentle, ie. no bubbles.

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I printed again. However having shaken/stirred the previous print about a week prior, i did not do it again.

This time, I got some very subtle raises in a different spot (trailing edge of wing). My client paints them so it shouldn’t be an issue. Nonetheless, I am eager for FL to sort the issue.

That said, I will do a shake again prior to the next set of wings.

The issue is oddly intermittent and hard to reproduce. I don’t have the time or resources to do any tests, other than printing actual deliverables for my client. So far I’ve been lucky with just one full-bore failure.

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