Warped, Dished and Misshaped prints


I am hoping someone from this form can help me with some issues I have been having with my Form3B

I have been struggling to get quality prints out out of the machine ever since setting it up in January.
Most of my parts are various fixtures which require flat surfaces and crisp edges and geometric stability. the parts themselves are not complex, which is why this issue is so frustrating when I see far more complex parts on this forum, social media and the form labs website.

I have escalated this case to Form labs tech support and they basically told me that “Unfortunately, at this time it seems like the geometry and setup might be a limitation of the printer and there could be some minor warping of the part as it stands”. Which is pretty frustrating considering these parts are just a flat square with some reliefs cut / extrude on the surface.

Things I have tried:
More support in corners to prevent dish
Higher density / touchpoint size
Different angles ( I even used tech supports sliced files)
Different wash and cure times

I am regretting the purchase of this printer because it is definitely not living up to what the sales team told us it could do.

See below for pictures of the issues, this happens with any resin but I have been using grey, high temp and rigid 10K

did you ever find a solution?

Hello everyone, we are seeing repeated “underdeveloped” prints on our 3B+ with Biomed Amber Resin.
We have done the steps noted for troubleshooting and have experienced the print working one day and not the next. We are working to establish a control or standard across three printers we use for a similar application. Thoughts on what we can do to work through the issue? Thanks

I am also curious and want to make sure that we got @bterry in touch with our Support Team if not.

Hello everyone, just to share an update the formlabs support team got back to me within the day I submitted a request. We are working through the variables.

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let us know how it goes please if your all figure it out

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Hello everyone, tech support from formlabs continues to be excellent for us. I huge kudos to Samuel, many thanks! We are getting closer, a few more discussions internally on operations. I will update as we move forward.

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Hey @Innovation,

That is great to hear, and thank you for that shoutout for Sam; he’s very good at what he does. I will be sure to pass along that kudos to him! We look forward to hearing how things turn out. Take care!

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