"Simulate build" button with play, pause, and stop functionality

Often times, I want to observe what PreForm is going to do in a build and get a visual interpretation of that. Although it is possible to step through layer build process, I want to propose a new feature that allows users to play, pause, and stop a “simulation” of the print through the right hand layer viewer scroll bar. Essentially this means something as simply as adding a single button to toggle between play, pause, and stop modes.

Since the functionality to draw a single layer already exists, I don’t think this would be much beyond a UI add-on (or I could be mistaken). Adding this feature would allow users to more easily view potential problems in a build, more quickly, or to plan their printed parts a bit faster.

Play is obvious, so is pause. The stop button would be to stop the simulation. If the user clicked it again, it would restart at layer 1. Just a first pass at the UI. It would be one button with multiple modes.

I believe this could be useful as well. I would like to suggest a playback speed slider as well (or perhaps just slow/med/fast toggles).

Though I understand what you mean and the advantage of it. I’m thinking that holding down the page-up button mimics the idea you want to achieve. Only downfall is that it cannot “loop” the process.

Didn’t know about the page up! Cheers!

I see I can also hold the shift key to go 10 layers at a time instead of just 1, which is rather slow.

Shift key definitely made it a usable workaround (in terms of speed). Thanks Paul.

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