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On most industrial machines there is a big red panic stop button. I wish there was one on the form 2 . On my 3rd print I only slid the Build platform halfway on and locked it down. The machine was started and the platform came down crushing into the resin tank. It took quite a while to finally find the abort print button. I was able to gently but firmly pull the platform off releasing the pressure on the tank and get everything back to the start position. A panic button, virtual or real on the machine or on the program would really be nice . Please consider it on the next upgrade to the program.


Lifting the top cover is the closest that the machine has. Some of the time it stops and says close cover - some times it seems to carry on for a while first.
I agree it definitely needs an instant stop.

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Maybe the big button on there should automatically pause the printer. I don’t know what it’s used for while a print is going otherwise.

In the case of opening the cover I believe our Form 1+ stops immediately if the laser is active and finishes the layer if not. Likely the same story with the F2. I can see why finishing the layer is smart for accidental bumps but there really should be a “Stop everything!” function.

I like @Zachary_Brackin’s suggestion. Currently it requests a pause at the end of the current layer. To expand on that the button should function as an E-stop and could present 3 options once pressed: “Pause after this layer” / “Resume” / “Cancel job”.

Based on what @Skinnydog describes, having a way to stop the print more quickly is definitely something to explore further. From what I know, the pause option is the gateway to abort a print, and the pause button is currently located in the bottom right (click printer’s button) from the “Printing” screen:

Once selecting “Pause,” you can then “Abort Print” or click “Resume”:

But if that’s not the screen you have displayed when you realize it’s time to panic, knowing this doesn’t help a whole lot.

Really, when a print is underway, pushing the mechanical button should instantly halt whatever is happening. Simple Human Factors. You don’t want the user to have to think about how to stop the printer, it should be something intuitive or easily remembered. That button is always there and requires little if any thought to remember that it works as an ABORT button.


Yep - I complained about this in '15 on the F1.


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