"Abort print" wont stop printer until print starts

Technically everything is correct and the printer is doing what the button and display say, but practically it is an issue.

Issue 1:
When you start a new print and you press the button “abort print” during the “preparing tank” phase, the printer will not stop until the moment when it actually would start the print. There could be good reasons to stop the printer right now e.g., you see a large piece of junk inside the resin, or you forgot to clean the platform before changing tank and resin, etc… Whatever you do, the platform will end up in the tank and the wiper will slowly push between platform and tank, before the “abort print” stops the printer. The only option to stop the printer is to pull the power plug or press the button on the backside.

Issue 2:
The printer clearly states “door is open”, which is technically correct, like the “abort print” (and not “stop printer”). But it keeps moving and doing its thing, regardless of a hand in the way, an obstacle inside, or dust and light coming through the open door. I had this during the preparation phase, as well as during the “abort print”-phase. I don’t know if the printer also ignores the open door while printing (LASER ON!).

Has anyone else encountered this behavior?

3L, Mid/End January 2022 firmware (need to check it, but I can’t at the moment)


One year ago I posted this issue, that can cause heavy damage to the user or the printer. Even with the most up-to-date firmware (as of today, Feb. 22 2023) the dangerous behavior is still present:

If you open the door during “abort print” (and maybe other phases, I normally do NOT open the door until the printer is in idle-mode), the printer doesn’t care and keeps moving it’s motors, including the build platform that is for sure able to cause damage to the printer, if the is an obstacle in the way, like a user’s hand, which also would get damaged.

A simple “stop all motors if door is open” would be nice. Not everyone can reach the power-plug or on/off-button on the back side, especially, if their hand is stuck in the printer.

Hi @nicoyaform3L,

Thank you for bringing this up. Given that this could be a potential safety concern I certainly agree that a “stop motors” toggle would be valuable. I’ve gone ahead and passed your feedback along to the team to get some more eyes on this.

this is like a loophole, the only way to open the lid without the motors stopping!

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