Possible pause bug?

Running latest firmware/software.

Just had a bit of a scare. I had just uploaded, went to the printer and hit the button to start. Suddenly I noticed I’d left the cover on the tank. Yikes! I hit the button, z kept dropping. I hit it again, then held it, still ‘weeeeee’ z kept dropping. Holy crap! I lift the lid, z keeps dropping with the lid open!! I grab the tank cover and get it off just before the platform destroys it and the rest of the printer with it. Literally, there was 1cm between the moving platform and the lid as I slid it out. I’m still kinda shaking as I relive it.

During this, the display says 'Pause pending…" Yet the device did not actually pause until layer 2.

Is this by design?

Good point. I had this as well but managed to hold the button for 3s to end the print. A quick pause would be a life saver for this issue.

Though you should mix the resin before, which leaves that isseu

And yes. It pauses after its completed the laser run of each layer. So if you pause it while it’s curing a layer, it’ll wait until this layer is finished.

Yeah, of course. But if it’s the middle of moving screws, these should park immediately. Had I been unable to get the cover off, I’m sure my printer would have been severly damaged. Plus, regardless of what’s happening, lifting the orange cover should simply stop everything right where it is - laser and all.

Haven’t had a need to stop anything quickly, but opening the safety cover on any piece of machinery should be an immediate stop. Specially considering desktop hardware like this doesn’t have a nice E-Stop switch.

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