Bug Report: Paused platform waits one layer cycle before returning down

I’ve noticed this on both v1.19 and v1.20 on a F3B+. What happens is the following.

  1. I push paus and the build plate moves up.
  2. I push continue but instead of going down, the printer starts a layer print cycle on the display.
  3. When that cycle is completed the build platform moves down as expected.

When the layer print cycle runs the tank is tensioned and the lpu is moved, but laser is never fired (from what I can tell). The display show the normal print view but it does not increment the current layer counter.

It’s happened twice and both times I managed to press the button just before the film is tensioned from what I can recall.

Hi @Reine,

In order to address this, I would recommend sharing a video of the behavior with our Support Team. Off the top of my head, I don’t know whether this is intended or a potential bug. In either case, Support will be able to investigate and report this issue as needed.

Yeah sure @Jesse_K but it’s not like I’m always ready with my phone to record it :wink: If I have the phone in hand when it happens, I’ll for sure make a video.
Just thought I should let you guys know.

Hi Reine,

That is understandable - we appreciate you letting us know and I will help pass this along! Our support team will also be able to help get more visibility on this to the rest of the team to help narrow down the issue when reported through those channels as well.