LPU moves to right side - then waits....and waits


Since the two most recent firmware upgrades a quarter of the prints ive done have started to do something “new”

The print head starts to print a layer - then goes to the right side of the tank and waits for a few minutes. It sits at the side flickering - Then it starts back up again and prints the next layer.

It also crawls real slow as the laser head moves/prints - it can take almost a minute to go across the tank.

I`ve restarted the machine between these failed prints and sometimes the next print is ok, but Ive also restarted the printer and had it do the same thing again. So a reboot doesnt seem to help.

It is putting material down. A typical 10 hour print would take a week to print if I left it running.

has anyone seen this?

Haven’t experienced it or seen any posts here.

Might be best to contact support.
Sounds like it’s doing the optics check over and over and over again?

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