Form 3L Latest Firmware

I have not used my 3L up until yesterday. Color me stupid but I guess I should have checked out the new features. Since the update has everyone else also had to align the LPU’s? Essentially recalibrate them? Had to go through the procedure of actually letting the machine think I’ve replaced the LPU’s.

I like some of the new features but since the update it now takes almost 15 minutes to start a print. Checking the optics takes forever. I ran the 3L optics test just to be sure and it looks great.

I guess if it’s for the better it’s no big deal but just curious if anyone else is going through the same procedures since the update.

Hi @Titon,

As far as I know, the LPU recalibration should not have been linked to the latest firmware update. It does seem unusual for a print to take almost 15 minutes to start, however. If the behavior persists, I would encourage you to get in touch with Support. Rolling back to the previous firmware version would also be a quick way to test if any printer behavior changes.

I will reach out today. My present print is doing fine and it’s no big deal but I found it weird that I had to go through the LPU recalibration. That being said from what Is coming out the print looks flawless.

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