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Severely Misaligned Prints

For the past week or so, I’ve been having misaligned prints on my 3L printer, with serial name CannyBunting. Some of the parts in a print will come out okay, while others seem to be shifted a few inches on the print platform and merged with other parts. Most of the rafts are not fully cured when the job is done. I’ve tried running a few cleaning meshes and using different print settings to see if anything helps, but the problem persists. Does anyone
380267_A_2021-11-18_PM2.5 CLIP.STL (585.8 KB)
380267_A_PM2.5 SENSOR CLIP_X10_2022-01-06.form (622.1 KB)Uploading: 20220106_132919.jpg…Uploading: 20220107_095504.jpg…Uploading: 20220107_095529.jpg… know what might be causing this problem?

Please see attached for a saved copy of my most recent print settings, the STL for the part I’m trying to print, and some photos of the finished results.

Realizing the images might not have uploaded. Here’s a link to a shared folder with all of the files.Misaligned bracket prints

Have you tried downgrading the firmware back to 1.7.6 (if your attempt to update it will downgrade)? Apparently the last two firmware updates for the 3L were pulled back due to issues but no idea if that’s related or not.

Yes, what Eks said.

My 3L printer downdated itself today, removing the December firmware and going back to October, I will print some standard items today and let you know, if that works.

The firmware rollback worked.

The firmware downgrade also worked on my machine, so that seems to be the biggest culprit. Thank you to @Eks and @Nicoyalife for pointing me in the right direction.

Because I had so many failed prints lately, I also played it safe on Friday and completely filtered the resin in the tank, checked the tank for any remaining solid bits I might have missed before, and checked the tank for any scratches or tears. Everything looked good, so I felt comfortable proceeding with the firmware downgrade and am happy that it payed off over the weekend.